ransomwiz is an experimental ransomware simulation platform that allows generating dozens of non-greedy samples using a simple wizard.
This platform was designed for the use of IT and security professionals, who are looking to evaluate and improve their security posture, as well as for educational purposes.

The techniques used aren't new or unknown; they are all either documented online or have been used in the past, and most of them have references within the wizard itself. The samples use a basic XOR encryption, meaning the operation is reversible by simply re-running the sample.

Please be aware there is no guarantee that the samples would be bug-free. Remember to act with caution and make sure to avoid targeting important files. Regardless, we strongly encourage you to have a valid backup of your critical data.

Currently, our registration is open for defenders only. A valid corporate email is preferred when submitting your application for review. That is, to avoid misuse by good people with bad intentions. If you don't have such an email and feel you're an exception, just tell us why when you register.